Where To Buy Cannabis in Malta

Understanding Legal Cannabis Reform in Malta

Where To Buy Cannabis in Malta. Malta is the first European nation to officially legalize recreational cannabis use. But just how does Malta’s new weed law work? What does it allow, and what does it still prohibit? Read on to find out.

In December 2021, Malta became the first European nation to legalize the recreational use of cannabis.

this article, we’ll take an in-depth look at Legal Notice 478, which exercises Malta’s 2021 Authority on the Responsible Use of Cannabis Act. We’ll teach you exactly what the act allows, what it doesn’t, some key events that led to its acceptance by President Vella and a majority of Maltese MPs, and the impact it might have on the legalisation movement across Europe.

Understanding Malta’s Cannabis Law

The Malta’s Authority on the Responsible Use of Cannabis Act was signed into law on Saturday, December 18th, 2021. While the law didn’t fully legalize weed, it did mark some clear legal parameters allowing people over 18 years old to carry and grow limited amounts of cannabis.

Under the new act, people 18 years or older can now legally:

✔️ Carry up to 7 grams of cannabis.
✔️ Grow up to 4 plants at home. This limit applies per household, not per person, and the plants must not be visible to the public.
✔️ Shop up to 50 grams of cannabis.
✔️ Apply to have any charges for cannabis possession expunged fro

m their criminal record.
✔️ Establish organisations (i.e. cannabis clubs) with other individuals that serve the sole purpose of growing and distributing cannabis among the organisation’s members. Buy DMT Vape EU

law autumns under the scope of the Ministry for Equality, Research, and Innovation. The Authority on the Responsible Use of Cannabis will be charged with upholding and amending the law if necessary.

What Doesn’t Malta’s Cannabis Law Allow?

Where To Buy Cannabis in Malta. The Responsible Use of Cannabis Act also marks clear legal parameters for people operating outside its restrictions. These include:

❌ Anyone caught carrying between 7–28g of cannabis must appear at a tribunal, which may impose a fine of up to €100.
❌ Smoking cannabis in public remains illegal. Anyone caught smoking in public will have to appear in front of a justice and may be fined up to €235.
❌ Any adult caught smoking cannabis in front of a child (either in public or private) may be fined up to €500.
❌ Minors caught in possession of cannabis will not be arrested. Instead, they shall be referred to a justice commission to establish a “care plan”.

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